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Digitally savvy marketing and business development Doing more with less

We offer cost-effective, flexible resource

  1. Project or retained basis;
  2. Project planning, management and/or delivery; and
  3. Working with a firm’s existing providers or our own selected partners.

Our services in summary

Download our paper on “what’s your practice story?" 

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Solutions to marketing problems may require a combination of skills. The Acanthus network includes experienced specialists in a range of key areas. All work independently or in small consultancies, and can come together to work on projects big and small.

Our collaborative, virtual consultancy approach means we can make recommendations that do not pre-empt outcomes in order to sell a particular service solution.

Private client and professional introducer feedback and insight

Client research needn’t be complicated but anything too simplistic is equally of little value. Merely ticking the box by asking “how satisfied are you with our service” or “do you think we have treated you fairly” is an opportunity missed. Similarly, introducer research should seek to raise awareness of the key issues and opportunities for both you and your business partners.

We can help you take a look at the client and introducer experience across the relationship lifecycle or at key points, and develop programmes that are annual or rolling studies, scheduled or ad hoc.

To make sure you get the best out of your research activity our structured, process helps you to do the following:

Project plan

Scoping and resourcing

  • Business priorities
  • Target audiences
  • Research methodologies and tools
  • Resource mix between in-house and external


From full project delivery to support at key stages

  • Questionnaire development
  • Coaching/training
  • Interviewing and moderating groups
  • Results analysis
  • Recommended next steps

Close the loop

Review ● respond ● repeat

We ensure that feedback is reviewed, that the business responds and reacts to it, including feeding back to research respondents, and that feedback is part of a continuing process.


For more information on our services and options on methodologies, download our guide to client feedback programmes. (Adobe Acrobat, 218KB)